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At the age of 13, Brandon Means received his first camera from his grandpa and never looked back.


Since then, his passion for photography has taken him on a professional and personal journey around the world. Fueled by his love for action sports like BMX and surfing, he’s been able to work with some of the world’s top athletes shooting content for them and their sponsors. Brandon’s action sports photography career opened new doors for him that eventually led him to more opportunities to pursue what he loves. While working with IMG, iHeartmedia, Caesars Entertainment and many other high profile clients, he honed in on his skills as a business minded content creator through his content production company, Beans Visuals. Although commercial work has been the biggest opportunity in supporting him and his wife Melissa through their twenties, Brandon launched Brandon Means Studio to bring some of his favorite images to life for your home and work place.


This collection has been in the making for over 10 years through his travels and living in San Diego. With all his experiences shooting, Brandon realized taking his camera out into the ocean and being alone with nature is one of his favorite places to be creating. The ocean is truly where he feels the most at home and the most inspired. His hopes are that you can find inspiration and happiness within his photography, just like the ocean gives him day in and day out.

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